At Britplan we are dedicated to delivering an outstanding level of service at all times, this is achieved through regular and effective communication, management support and client contact.

We have developed the organisation and structure of our company and its leadership over the years to create a dynamic organisation. Britplan competes successfully with the highest tier of UK service providers. We base all of our security services on protecting and offering a safe and secure environment for small to large premises, and protecting and safe guarding staff and the public. At this we excel and our services are second to none, if you are looking for a high end security service that will compliment your businesses character then look no further.

Britplan also offer a range of other services which we can group together into one tailored bespoke maintenance, cleaning and security service from a single provider. This ensures that all your businesses needs met by a single efficient company. To find out more about the other services that we offer please contact us today on 01277 812 137 or alternatively you can click on either of the links at the bottom of this website to browse the services on our other websites.
Ensuring that as a Security Company we act under the Ethical code of Conduct as laid out by the International Professional Security Association.

Our Values


We champion individuality

Authentic – Responsive – Collaborative

Our ‘people’s business’ builds on
personalities – shaped by trust, attention and reliability.

We don’t just offer off the shelf solutions but tailored solutions for the individual requirements of our customers


We create real impact

Efficient – Precise – Sustainable

We develop and realise solutions that provide added value for our customers – whether in commercial, technical, process related or financial terms

Geared towards efficiency and longevity and driven by our high quality standards


We strive to inspire

Dedicated – Smart – Imaginative

We drive to be an inspiring, enriching and motivating partner.

Characterised by solution-orientation, inventiveness and creativity, as well as proactive and passionate commitment and forward looking thinking.

Our Accreditations & Compliance


There are many aspects that attribute to our success however the most important are:

Dedicated Teams at our Head Office who undertake the responsibility of TUPE and Mobilisation exercises ensuring a smooth transfer.

Dedicated Teams at our Head Office who collate and monitor all employees educating them on our ‘Open Door’ Policy available to all.

Management comprising of experienced personnel who are highly skilled in this industry, the changes taking place and the need to implement change.

We treat each new client on a one to one basis offering a bespoke tailor-made service to fulfil all their needs