Our Statement of general policy is:

  • To prevent pollution, minimise waste, emissions, and consumption of resources (materials, fuel, water and energy) and ensure that unavoidable waste is, where possible, recycled or disposed of responsibly.
  • To foster a sense of responsibility for the environment amongst employees by the provision of information and training.
  • To assess, monitor and where possible reduce the impact of our activities on the local and general environment.
  • To take account of the environmental impact of all raw materials, packaging and processes and wherever possible take steps to minimize this through strategic evaluation and planning.
  • To maintain systems to set and monitor objectives and targets; identify deviations from the stated policy and implement appropriate corrective action.
  • To advise customers and other interested parties where appropriate on the best environmental practices associated with the storage, use and disposal of the company’s products.
  • To ensure that all members of staff and our sub-contractors, act in accordance with this policy and our Environmental Management System.
  • To strive to continually improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution.
  • To comply with all relevant Environmental Legislation and other applicable legal requirements to which the Company subscribes and which relate to its environmental aspects.
  • To make this policy available to the public on request

Signed: A D Burke MD                                                         Date:  January 2019

         Review June 2017 ED/AW 2019