Purpose and Scope

This policy statement sets out our commitment to achieving the highest health, safety and environmental (HS&E) standards across our operations. It applies to all employees,

Policy objectives

We are committed to delivering great service to our customers – but also to do that in a manner which safeguards the health and safety of our employees, contractors, client staff and members of the public, while also protecting the environment where it may be affected by our activities.

Our approach to HS&E is based on three key principles:

Thinking – Everything we do in relation to health, safety and the environment is in line with the fundamental beliefs inherent in our vision and values. Our health, safety and environmental goals are centered on continually improving our services and striving to exceed the expectations of our customers. How will we achieve these goals- By following the processes set out in our business management systems which capture our legal and other regulatory requirements?

Managing – Our executive board members are responsible for ensuring that this policy is reviewed annually and implemented correctly. Our divisional managing directors and senior management are responsible for ensuring that we have the organization and resources in place to help us reach our goals of protecting the environment and reducing our health and safety risks so far as reasonably practicable.

Delivering – The way in which we will deliver on our commitment to HS&E is described in our divisional health safety and environmental management systems which must meet the standards set out within our in house Management systems structure and arrangements manual.


Identify applicable laws and regulations: We identify all applicable laws and regulations, and other requirements and ensure that appropriate controls are in place to achieve compliance.

Identify and manage risk: Our risk management processes identify what we need to do in order to reduce the impacts of our activities on our people, those around us and the environment. By communicating these risks and impacts in a timely manner, to our people, customers and the communities where we work, we aim to ensure that everybody is aware of and supports our purpose;

Promote continual improvement: Setting objectives and targets will drive continual improvement in our services, thereby helping us reduce our environmental impacts and the risk of injury or ill health;

Drive appropriate behaviors: We do this by engaging with our people. We give them the skills and competencies they need to prevent pollution, injury and ill health, to work safely and to consider the safety of colleagues and others who may be affected by their work;

Develop an effective culture: We foster a culture of open communication, where our people feel able to raise concerns on any HS&E matters. Our managers and supervisors will treat the concerns of our people seriously and respond accordingly;

Engage with our key stakeholders: By partnering with suppliers, customers and contractors, we can develop more sustainable products and deliver a high standard of service with regard to HS&E performance;

Report and investigate near misses and incidents: Where near misses and incidents do occur it is absolutely imperative that we learn the lessons necessary to prevent them happening again and that we share these across our operations; and

Developing the skills of our people: We recognize that the competence and skills of our people need continual development through training and empowerment, allowing them to fulfil their roles and help us meet our objectives.


The Managing Director is responsible for:

  • Reviewing, endorsing and achieving this policy’s aims.

The Group HS&E Manager is responsible for:

  • Administering this policy on behalf of The Managing Director.
  • Developing and rolling out the supporting strategies to drive continual performance improvement;
  • Ensuring that this policy and supporting strategies and procedures are distributed, implemented and complied with;
  • Ensuring that their management systems meet the requirements set out in the in house Management systems structure and arrangements manual; and

Managers are responsible for:

  • Implementing and enforcing the processes and procedures;
  • Ensuring that  their  people are aware  of their  responsibilities  and  receive appropriate training;
  • Addressing any inappropriate behavior.

Employees are responsible for:

  • Carrying out their work in line with this policy and associated procedures;
  • Challenging any behavior that falls short of the expectations of this policy; and
  • Identifying any breaches of this policy and reporting them to their line manager.

What will successful Implementation of this policy achieved?

»      Continually improving quantitative and qualitative data trends;

  • Reporting HS&E data to senior management;
  • Recognition by external bodies in the form of awards, nominations and certifications; and

The Directors of Britplan Security Solutions Ltd  March 2019 .